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This Course Is Perfect For Individuals Who:
  •  Have Experience
  •  Have High Margins
  •  Offer a High-End Service
  •  Offer Professional Services
  •  Recognize that their traditional marketing is not working
This Course Is Perfect For Individuals Who:
  •  Offer a High-End Service
  •  Offer Professional Services
  •  Have Experience
  •  Have High Margins
  •  Recognize that their traditional marketing  is not currently working
The Ultimate Lead Gen system is specifically designed for high-end coaches, consultants & professional service providers who are looking to generate and convert more leads through the use of non-traditional marketing methods that create intense interest and generate massive amounts of rapport very quickly.
What People Are Saying:

Draye has a way of finding incredibly simple methods of marketing in a business that can create some incredibly profound results and help entrepreneurs create radical momentum.

- Alex Charfen, creator of the Entrepreneur Personality Type

I’ve known Draye for less than six months. In that time he’s made me at least $300,000 that I would not have made. He’s also held me to a much higher standard in my business than I’ve ever held myself. He helped me hire my first full-time employee and even generously trained her. He’s a giver. If you want to know more of how Draye has changed my life, just google, “The Draye Redfern Effect.”

- Benjamin Hardy, author of WILLPOWER DOESN’T WORK

Draye has a highly nuanced understanding of how to dramatically and quickly deepen relationships with clients. This enables him to give you advice and services that are highly effective but almost effortlessly easy to use.

- Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and Founder of the Center for Industrial Progress

Thank you for what you did for me with Power of Broke.  I wish I knew you when I wasn't on Shark Tank and needed some books to be sold.  I appreciate you brother! 

- Daymond John, star on ABC's "Shark Tank", investor, author & motivational speaker
In the Course, You'll Learn:
Section 1 of this Ultimate Lead Gen program is devoted to clarifying the intention and direction for your business goals. We are also going to take a look into what it is that you really sell and who your target audience is so we can market your services more effectively. In Section 1 You'll Learn:
  • Lesson 1 -  What do you REALLY sell?
  •  Lesson 2 -  Who is your avatar?
  •  Lesson 3 - What is your number?
  •  Lesson 4 - The Pathway to Prosperity
Section 2 of the Ultimate Lead Gen System is all about differentiation... We will show you how to create a never seen before that will differentiate you from the competition and attract new customers with ease. You'll Learn:
  •  Lesson 5 - Creating a never seen before differentiator
  •  Lesson 6 - Defining your customer journey
  •  Lesson 7 -  How to create unforgettable experiences
Section 3 will focus on the best way to go about finding and locating potential leads. In Section 3, We'll Cover:
  •  Lesson 8 - How to Locate Leads By Industry or Geography
  •  Lesson 9 - How to Find (Almost) Any Lead's Contact Information
  •  Lesson 10 - A Simple Software Solution to Quickly Garner Leads from LinkedIn
Section 4 will focus on the ways in which you can begin to contact your prospects using many "off the wall" markting methods. We will cover:
  •  Lesson 10 - Templated Emails that Peak a Prospects Interest in Your Services
  •  Lesson 11  - LinkedIn Social Selling
  •  Lesson 12 -  Direct Mail (Lumpy)
  •  Lesson 13 - Robotic Handwriting Printers that help to replicate you and save time
  •  Lesson 14 - Shock & Awe Packages
  •  Lesson 15 - The Shoe Method (Almost Guaranteed to Get the Attention of Even the Most Successful Individuals)
  •  Lesson 16 - A Proven Strategy to Physically Mail One of Your Videos Using the Postal System
Section 5 will be heavily focused on building more rapport by educating these prospects. You'll learn:
  •  Lesson 17 - How To Structure Your Website (FAQs) to Both Answer Questions and Deepen Rapport 
  •  Lesson 18 - Educational Video Sales Letters Proven to Convert
  •  Lesson 19 - Automated Webinars that Allow You to Present Information Without Having to Manually Put On Countless Presentations
Section 6 will be dedicated to impressing these prospects and creating those "WOW" moments that will make them excited to work with you and tell their friends.
  •  Lesson 20 - Automated Videos that Can Be Sent Through Email
  •  Lesson 21 - Business Card Hacks to Convert More Encounters into Meetings and Prospects 
  •  Lesson 22 - An Inexpensive Software Solution that Can Allow You to Leave Personalized Voicemails for Prospects Without Ever Picking Up the Phone
Section 7 will give you all of the tools that you need to close the sale and book more business. We will focus on marketing tactics that can dramatically increase conversions. We'll cover:
  • Lesson 23 - Personalized Web Pages - To Book a Meeting
  •  Lesson 24 - Personalized Web Pages - To Make a Sale
  •  Lesson 25 - Welcome Gifts Proven to Increase Referrals 

Section 8 will be based on reducing churn and getting clients to stick around. You'll learn:
  • Lesson 26 - Quarterly Gifting Sequences that Keep Customers Engaged and Excited to Continually Work With You 
  •  Lesson 27 - Automated Sequences that Ensure Your Prospects and Customers Receive Personalized Handwritten Notes Multiple Times a Year Without You Ever Picking Up a Pen
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